Choose A Name

Use this page to help choose your own special house name! It’ll direct you to pages specially designed to help you make this momentous choice and at the same time bring thousands of possible names to your attention.

First of all why not visit our page Introducing house names.

Not Just a Number emphasises your right to name your house. How often can you name anything?

It’s not often you can Create Living History. This is your chance!

You want to check out the official position? Read The Official View – Quick Version to get some background. There’s a longer version in our Lots of Extras section if you wish to delve a bit deeper – but will you be any wiser?

If you’re concerned about how a house name could affect the value of your property, you really needn’t worry if you use a suitable and well chosen name. Visit Increased House Values for more information on how house names could affect the value of the property and its saleability.

Consider This

Naming your house should be an enjoyable and beneficial experience, but the actual choice of name should receive serious consideration.

A good starting point in naming your house is to ensure you’re not duplicating a name that already exists in your local area or post-code area – this could cause problems. Walk the streets, see what names are already in use, and if there are any constants or common themes to the house names in your area.

Why not do some research? Are their any local geographical features that could be reflected in your choice of name? Is there anything of historical significance? A look at the old maps in your local reference library could bring that unique idea to mind.

Ideally you want a name to be proud of and that has some local or personal significance. A new house name should be unique and of relevance to you or the area. Above all, any new name should be suitable and well-chosen.

It’s Time to Choose

Between them, the following nine pages will give you thousands of existing house names and possibly millions of ideas to consider.

Favourites – national and regional favourites from the UK courtesy of the various surveys carried out over the years by the Halifax and HBoS.

Unusual House Names – over 250 of the most unusual house names from the UK and beyond.

Rich and Famous – names used by some of the rich and famous over the years.

Cherished House Names – over 100 well-loved house names.

Common Themes – trees, plants, flowers, animals, locations, views, the seasons, local history, safe havens and literature – all common themes found throughout the house naming world.

Our Photo Bank – a selection of our photos of house names that we hope to expand considerably over future years.

What’s in a Name – a section to help you identify the meanings of words, pre-fixes, suffixes and terms found in house names.

10,000+ - explore our alphabetical database of over 7000 house names from around the world. If you’re really finding it difficult to decide on that special name, you’ll find the answer here!

World Showcase – a selection of house names from different areas, countries and cultures around the world.

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