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One of our aims is to build an extensive record of House Names, and create an archive of this valuable historical information.

In years to come, social historians, local residents, schools, and house buyers will be able to benefit from the information about your named property that we ask you to provide on our questionnaire when you Join Us. There’s no compulsion about this, so don’t worry if you don’t wish to provide certain information, just leave the question unanswered. You can approach us at any time to check the information we hold. 

A house name can say so much about the house, the geography and history of the area it’s in, its former occupiers and use, and possibly the people now living in it and its current use. In 100 years this information will not exist unless we take steps now to record it for posterity - that’s why we ask you, once your house has a name, to preserve the background to it and Join Us by becoming a member of House Name

You’ll already be aware that House Names add distinction and exclusivity to houses and in many cases can add to House Values. So what’s the next step?

We invite you to register and record your house name, where it came from, and anything else you know about it or its relevance within your locality and help us create the largest record in the world of this type of social history.

When you register your House Name by becoming a member of House Name we send you a distinctive yet discreet plaque that we hope you will place near your house name sign. As well as adding an immediate uniqueness and distinctiveness to your home, in future years interested parties will see the plaque and know that the name is recorded with us and, with your agreement, will be able to access the social history surrounding the name and the property.

We also provide an elegant House Name certificate for display within your home. Your visitors will find it a fascinating talking point.

We’re not in this to make a fortune, but do need to cover costs and as such we have an initial one-off joining fee which includes your first year’s membership, followed by a small ongoing annual membership fee. Take a look at our Join Us page for full details.

We hope that any increase in property value accruing from the selection and use of a suitable, well chosen house name, as well as the uniqueness of your House Name Heritage membership, will more than compensate for this and trust that if you support our aims, the fees will not be a problem. - Pack full of the best deals