In a suitable setting wouldn’t ‘The Official View’’ make a fantastic house name!

We are convinced that the vast majority of people who name their houses do so, when they are already numbered, without reference to anyone or any official body, and without major problems.

We believe that everybody should have the right to name their house. However rules, regulations and recommendations touch on every aspect of our lives, including naming houses.

When naming our homes, we need to be responsible citizens and be absolutely certain how we are legally placed. To this end it is always advisable to first look into the law as it affects where you live and determine the attitude of Local, Regional or National Government Authorities and mail service providers.

We strongly recommend, and would insist if we could, that if your house already has a number, it should always be clearly displayed along with your house name in order to help the mail and courier services and, more importantly, the emergency services.

The situation becomes more involved if you are wishing to name a house that doesn’t already have a number, or wanting to change the name of a house when it already has a name. In these situations you are advised to check up on official requirements or at least any official ‘advice’.

If you are in the UK and are in this position or just want to be certain as to your official position, please look at The Official View – The Longer Version.

If you are anywhere else in the world we would always recommend that you check your official position locally. We should be pleased if you would contact us with details of the official positions that apply in different countries or areas to see if there is any commonality of approach. - Pack full of the best deals