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‘House names are fun and instructive.
They reveal history, reflect taste and betray origins.’

  Joyce Miles in ‘Owls Hoot’ (see below)

It’s not our intention to try to write the definitive history of house names throughout the world. Others are much better qualified to embark on this task, or at least parts of it.

However we should like to gradually build the definitive international library of the research and findings of those who have investigated house naming history whether in a national or international sense, or on a more localised city, town, village or even street by street basis. 

What’s more, via this website, we should like to make this research freely available to anyone who may be interested in the subject matter, whether it’s a local historian, a schoolchild undertaking project work or a TV researcher.

We’d therefore like to invite anyone who has researched the history of house names and house naming anywhere in the world, including those who have already had articles or books published on the subject, to forward articles to us.

So if you know all about the history of the house names of Acacia Avenue in Aldershot or the history of house names in Zambia we’d be happy to receive your articles preferably as a ‘Word’ document, or PDF file if it’s over one megabyte in size.

Additionally we need you to supply a brief one or two line summary of what the article covers.

Our aim is to build a library of such articles that can be published on, or at least accessed through, this website.

It may be something that you’ve thought about doing for years – now could be the time to get into print.

In submitting any article to us you are agreeing:

  1. to us proof-correcting and editing the article as necessary,
  2. to being identified as the author(s),
  3. to the article being held in our online library for the benefit of future generations,
  4. to the article (possibly) being published in full or in part on this website,
  5. to the article being downloaded and printed off by interested parties,
  6. that you are doing it freely without expectation of any payment.

We’re interested in articles that have as their subject the way that over time house names have travelled around the world and have become interchangeable from one continent to another and from one country to another.

Equally, we’d like to receive articles about the history and use of house names in specific countries or regions of the world, in identified cities, towns, villages, even streets, wherever possible identifying when the names were first used, how names have been used over the years and how they might have changed over time.

We’d like to know why a name might have been chosen, what it means and its significance within its locality. A few photos could also be useful.

It’s a wide open field – why not start your own local research project?

If you’ve already been published we’d welcome permission to use all or part of your book/article. If this is not possible we’d like your permission to refer to it and the information needed to direct other people to it.

To get things started, here are a couple of books you may wish to buy or refer to that talk about the history of house names:

Joyce Miles in her book ‘Owl’s Hoot – How People Name Their Houses’, published by John Murray, London, ISNB 0-7195-6220-1, has an illuminating chapter entitled ‘Naming Through The Ages’ which mentions names from Assyria, the Roman Empire, Pompeii, Catalonia, and British house names from the more recent 13th century onwards.

‘House Names of Australia’ by Graham Gould, published by Lyre Bird Publications of Moonie Ponds, Victoria, 3039 Australia, ISBN 0-646-36422-7, has a chapter on ‘House Names Through The Years’ (in Australia), and looks at the impact of immigration, the early and mid Victorian period, the late Victorian and Federation period, after World War 1, after World War 2 and the 1980’s and beyond.

So it’s over to you – we’re not looking for complete books unless they are solely about the history of house names and house naming, but we are looking for chapters in existing books that relate to the subject. We’re looking for researched articles and projects on the subject from an international perspective, a national perspective and just as importantly, a highly localised perspective.

Together let’s build the biggest library in the world relating to the history of house names and house naming throughout the world and throughout the centuries.

If you’ve anything you wish to contribute please email to including your suggested title, a brief description of the content and the article itself as an attachment preferably in Word.

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