The house name survey carried out by Halifax plc in 1998 identified several common themes in the naming of houses:

Trees - Twenty popular tree species dominate the survey, ranging from stalwarts such as Yew, Beech, Oak, and Elm to the fruit-bearing varieties Apple, Pear, Cherry and Plum.

Plants and Flowers - Apart from Rose Cottage which holds number 3 slot, Honeysuckle, Lavender, Jasmine, Lilac, Snowdrop, Primrose and the more unusual Tamarisk (a flowery shrub from the Mediterranean and South/South East Asia regions) are all strong favourites, though many other species appear in the survey.

Animals - Proving that we are a nation of animal lovers, popular house names include Mole End, Badgers, Squirrels Leap and Fox Cottage ... while birds proliferate in Kingfishers, Magpies, Owl Cottage, Crows Nest, Heron Cottage, Swan Cottage, Wren Cottage, Nightingale Cottage, Swallow Cottage, The Rookery, Dove House, The Finches, Mallards, Peacock Cottage and Pheasant Cottage.

Locations and Views - Names which often suggest settings, especially the proximity of water and golf courses, include Lakeside, Waters Edge, The Moorings, Sea View, Stream Cottage, Reservoir House, The Fairway, The Green, Sunningdale, Glen Eagles and St Andrews. The aspect of a house also inspires homeowners to names such as Hill View, Meadow View, Park View, Field View, Church View, South View and West View. We’d all like to live in Paradise Cottage.

Windy Locations - Hold on to your hat if you visit High Winds, Cross Winds, Trade Winds, South Winds, Fair Winds, Fresh Winds, Sea Winds or Windy Nook.

Seasonal - There is a preference for names such as Spring Croft, Easter Cottage, Summer Hayes, Summerfields, Autumn House and Christmas Cottage, along with September Cottage and April House (the latter two perhaps reflecting when the property was originally built or occupied).

Planetary - The sun and moon are a popular influence as in Sun Crest Ridge, Sunbeams, Sundial House, Sun Set, Sun Haven, Moon Rakers and Moon Fleet.

Local History - Social trends are reflected in the number of names that describe a property’s previous function: The Old Police House, The School House, The Rectory, The Chapel House, The Cloisters, The Granary, Old Bake House, Forge Cottage, Old Smithy, The Paddock and The Barn.

Safe Haven - Indicating a desire for refuge from the modern world are names such as Hideaway, Retreat, The Nook, The Haven, The Anchorage, The Hermitage, Home Stead and Halcyon House.

Spooky - Homes guaranteed to make you think twice about visiting them go by the name of Shambles, Cobweb Cottage, Cold Harbour Farm, Burnt House, The Wilderness and Folly Farm.

In Your Face - Even more brash sounding are those houses which fly in the face of tradition such as Step A Side and Two Hoots.

Sweet - Some of the cutest and most delightful names in the survey are Honey Pot Cottage, Thimble Cottage, The Pippins and Wag Tails.

Unusual - Bona Vista, Eureka, Tally Ho, Xanadu and Dunroamin prove irresistible to a number of homeowners.

Literary Links - TV and films have surprisingly little impact on house names, though certain fictional characters and places have left their mark on Bleak House, Ebenezer Cottage, Pooh Corner and Ivanhoe.

Ambition - a desire for greater status in life may be evident in names such as The White House, Chequers and Balmoral. - Pack full of the best deals