The top 10 house names in the North West region are:

1. The Bungalow (2) 6. Hill Crest (9)
2. The Cottage (1) 7. Ivy Cottage (13)
3. Rose Cottage (3) 8. The Lodge (4)
4. The Coach House (5) 9. The Hollies (19)
5. Wood Lands (8) 10. The Vicarage (14)

(1998 UK Top 50 position in brackets)

In the North West, The Hollies is a notable inclusion in the top 10, as it is only placed at number 19 in the national survey. Outside the top 10, coastal names are popular, including Sea View, The Dunes, Windy Harbour and Sea Scape.

The region also particularly favours names featuring the word Brook ... House, Cottage, Lands, Field, Lodge. Also, Bank based names are equally popular, for example, Holly Bank ... Sunny, Fern, Meadow, Willow and Spring. - Pack full of the best deals