The top 10 house names in Northern Ireland are:

1. The Bungalow (2) 6. Rose Cottage (3)
2. The Manse (-) 7. Green Acres (24)
3. Hill Crest (9) 8. Tara (-)
4. The Rectory (35) 9. Fair View (29)
5. The Cottage (1) 10. Shalom (-)

(1998 UK Top 50 position in brackets)

In Northern Ireland, The Manse, Tara and Shalom are notable inclusions in the top 10, as these names do not appear in the national survey’s top 50.

Outside the top 10, names reflective of the countryside and greenery are popular, such as The Willows, Tree Tops and The Meadows - but rather surprisingly there isn’t a single reference to the ‘Shamrock’!

Properties built on land that served as part of a clergyman’s remuneration and provided income often go by the names The Glebe, Glebe Lands and Glebe Lodge.

The easy going nature of the Irish is best expressed in dreamy names such as Sleepy Hollow and Whispers, although there are some who just want Solitude and Tranquility! - Pack full of the best deals