The top 10 house names in the South West region are:

1. The Cottage (1) 6. Hill View (30)
2. Rose Cottage (3) 7. Sunny Side (23)
3. The Bungalow (2) 8. Orchard Cottage (27)
4. The Coach House (5) 9. The Lodge (4)
5. Hill Side (16) 10. Hill Crest (9)

(1998 UK Top 50 position in brackets)

In the South West, the top ten names differ a little from the national survey, with Hill Side, Hill View and Sunny Side all inspired by the local landscape. Outside the top 10, also popular are Yew Tree, Tree Tops, Green Acres, Ivy Cottage, The Beeches, Honeysuckle Cottage, and Jasmine Cottage.

The region also shows a fondness for intoxicating names such as Cider Mill House, Grape Vine and The Vineries.

In addition to the more ‘run of the mill’ animal names, the region also favours Pheasants, Hares, Deers and Lambs.

Nautical references range from Harbour Lights and Blue Waters to the yachting inspired Spindrift (spray blown across the surface of the sea). - Pack full of the best deals