Is your house already named? Yes : No


Some years ago, in an admittedly unscientific survey, we approached, at random, over a hundred Estate Agents throughout the UK.

Our aim was to discover whether they felt a suitable and well chosen House Name would have any effect on the saleability or value of a property.

In a much better than expected response the general view was that a well chosen House Name did certainly aid the saleability       of many dwellings.

More interestingly, the majority of respondents felt that a suitable and well chosen House Name could increase the value of a property by between 0.5% and 5%.

On a property valued at £200,000 that’s anything between £1,000 and a massive £10,000 increase in value. On a £500,000 house it’s up to £25,000 extra, on a £2 million property it could mean an extra £100,000. In some cases, we suspect, it could well be more - a very good reason for naming your house.

A much larger internet survey of over 1000 Estate Agents is currently being planned. Again we’re looking to establish the views of Estate Agents as to the use and usefulness of house names and whether a suitable and well chosen house name can still have a bearing on the saleability or value of the properties they adorn. We aim to publish results, comments and analysis on this website in due course.

According to Halifax Property Services at the time of our initial survey ‘house names are generally always included on property particulars. They are felt to add interest for many would-be buyers, and often seem to generate more enquiries’.

More recently, a UK survey undertaken by the Cheltenham & Gloucester Building Society in 2004, looked into the major external property selling points, and conversely, selling turn-offs.

The survey revealed that ‘homeowners need to get creative and think of a ‘pretty’ house name if they want to sell up, as 88% of folk think this is a must’. In fact it was No. 1 in the top ten external selling points, ahead of, amongst others, ’bay windows, a cat sitting on the window sill, a freshly painted front door and a gravel drive’.

On the other hand, a badly chosen house name is likely to have a negative effect when trying to sell a house.

On Cheltenham & Gloucester’s top ten of external turn-offs to selling a property, musical doorbells turned off 92% of people, an old banger parked in the drive - 90%, garden gnomes - 83%, whilst down at 36%, we find ‘silly’ house names as the tenth       worst turn-off. Be warned!

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