Preserve Your House Name

Whether your house has had its name for three hundred years or you’re just in the process of naming it for the first time, we ask you to consider joining House Name to help preserve the name for the benefit of future generations.

House names throughout the world are a forgotten heritage that has been completely overlooked by all conservation and preservation bodies and it is our aim to correct this situation.

Throughout the ages, houses have been named. They have been named for purposes of identification, and to reflect the historical and geographical significance they have to their surroundings, the former uses of the property, and the interests and preferences of their owners and former owners.

For social historians the name chosen can reveal much about the property, its history, the people who lived in it, the uses of the property and its position in, and relevance to, its surroundings.

We wish to see this information retained and to be available to future generations whether they be social historians, researchers, house buyers or just other interested local inhabitants. In 100 years this information will not exist unless we take steps now to record it.

To this end we ask you to Join Us and in doing so provide some basic information about the property and its chosen name that you would be happy to see shared with others and also retained on our ever increasing national and international house name database.

By recording the background details to your house name you are creating living history.

We also believe that a suitable and well chosen house name not only adds distinction and exclusivity to a property but can often increase the value of a property and make it more saleable. Naming a house can be a worthwhile venture both for you and for future generations.

However the background information about a house and its name can only be of use if it is identifiable, and therefore when you join House Name we not only provide you with an elegant display certificate, but more importantly, because it’s likely to be seen by others, a small yet distinctive House Name plaque for display on the property. This is the real essence of House Name Heritage .com. - Pack full of the best deals