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Seen a Sign?

You’ve seen a sign on a house and want to know what it’s all about. This is the real essence of House Name Heritage. was set up to help encourage the use of house names, to encourage people to name their houses, and when they’ve named the house, to help them create living history by recording and preserving the name with for the benefit of future generations.

In the UK, named houses are to be found in abundance in every city, town and village, and often on every street.

We consider House Names are a widespread form of heritage and social history that can be found almost anywhere, but unfortunately this heritage has been completely overlooked by all conservation and preservation bodies, both nationally and internationally. Our aim is to correct this situation.

House names can be fun. They can be historic, geographic and linguistic statements that are of genuine use and relevance to social historians.

What’s more, they can add distinction and exclusivity to homes, and can increase house values and saleability. Find out more by exploring this website.

If you’ve seen a House Name sign on a house it means that the present or a former owner has joined and has proudly and freely provided us with information and background about the property and the house name, such as why the name was chosen and its relevance to its situation or its significance within the local community.

Notwithstanding any data protection legislation, they’ve also given us permission to release all or part of this information to interested parties.

If you want to know more about a property or the name of a property displaying a sign please Contact Us and give us the name of the house, the postcode or at least the first part of the property’s postcode and as much of the address as you can, along with reasons for your interest plus your own contact details, and we’ll let you have the releasable information we hold. - Pack full of the best deals