We aim to establish house names as a recognised area of national, even international, heritage. To date it’s an area of ‘heritage’ that has been almost completely overlooked.

In many areas house names can be found in almost every community and often on every street. Everyone sees them, yet very few people recognise them as an aspect of their heritage, even though it’s staring them in the face. We aim to change this, but to do it we need your ongoing support.

How? By joining House Name and providing us with details of your house name and its relevance, if any, to your house and its surroundings.

We’ll send you a distinctive plaque, which is only supplied to House Name members, to display on your property. You’ll also receive an elegant house name certificate for display within your home that visitors will find a fascinating talking point.

House Name Certificate and Sign

Visitors and passers-by will see the plaque and know that information about the house name is recorded with Interested parties will be able to access, through us, whatever information you’re willing to provide about the house name, its background and the reasons why the name was originally chosen or used.  

Legally we’re advised that there does not seem to be any national UK law that prevents the external display of our sign, but you should of course always abide by any national and local planning rules or title deed conditions. Members outside the UK should take note of their own national laws and regulations.

Ideally we’d like to see plaques displayed close to the house name sign itself. If you have any reason to believe that displaying the sign in this position would contravene planning rules or title deed conditions our favoured alternative, which may make it an even more exclusive talking point, would be to site the plaque just inside the main entrance door to the property.

House Name Signs on Brick and Stone Background

We’re not in this to make a fortune, but we do need to cover costs.

To do this we make an initial one-off joining and first year membership charge of £79.95, followed annually by a membership renewal fee of just £19.95. We trust that if you support our aims these fees will not be a problem.

The initial first year fee covers the cost of manufacturing and supplying the exclusive and distinctive house plaque and the elegant membership certificate that together confirm your membership.

The joining fee helps make membership highly exclusive in that whilst it gives greater distinction and uniqueness to your particular property, it also deters those with little genuine interest, from submitting a false application just to obtain one of our totally exclusive membership plaques.

We hope you’ll find our fees worthwhile not only for the ongoing pride and exclusivity House Name Heritage membership brings to you and your property, but also that any additional increase in property value accruing from the selection and use of a suitable and well chosen house name will more than compensate for the small ongoing annual membership payment.

We have various plans for the ongoing development of House Name Heritage, but if you, as a member, have suggestions as to how you would like to see House Name Heritage develop, we’d love to hear from you.

To join House Name we ask you to complete an online questionnaire with as much detail as you are willing or able to provide, and also possibly upload a picture of the house name and one of the house itself, especially if it’s relevant to the name – we’ll tell you how to do this. 

There are 4 short steps to becoming a member

  1. Create a login
  2. Login
  3. Complete the questionnaire
  4. Subscribe using our Paypal secure payment gateway.

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